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Position Title: Purchasing Coordinator
Salary Range: $19.00-$21.00/hr
Category Administrative
Location: Indianapolis, IN (West Side)
Industry: Oil & Energy
Position Type: Temp-to-Hire

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  • Handle requests for purchases of all packages.
  • Prepare purchase orders and send copies to suppliers and to departments originating requests
  • Determine if inventory quantities are sufficient for needs or upcoming demands, ordering more materials when necessary. Inventory orders done by others currently. Perform buying duties
  • Respond to Customer Advocate and Production Manager about order status for on time, changes, or issues.
  • Contact suppliers in order to schedule or expedite deliveries and to resolve shortages, missed or late deliveries, and other problems. Objective is to have material here 2 weeks before green dot date.
  • Handle questions and concerns about merchandise – on time and quality. Track purchases from order placement until it arrives in hands of order placer to ensure package arrives on time.
  • Verify package meets all customer specifications and customer is satisfied.
  • Notify appropriate department for confirmation of all parts being on time.
  • Prepare the invitation-to-bid forms and distribute.
  • Compare prices and expected delivery dates proposed by suppliers.
  • Choose the best bid.
  • Compile records of items purchased or transferred between departments, prices, deliveries, and inventories. Determine cause of any delays en-route.
  • Match purchase orders with shipment.
  • Work upfront when projects are sold to find best vendor for price point and matching specs prior to Engineering submitter to customer.


  • Sourcing/Procurement background with buyer level responsibility
  • Must be comfortable working with ambiguity with an emphasis on reducing it
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Experience with contract drafting/revisions
  • Excellent oral/written communication
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, Outlook

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